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HackenProof web3 services

Public & Private Bug Bounty Programs

The public Bug Bounty program - also known as a vulnerability rewards program (VRP), offers rewards to individuals (security researchers, hackers) for uncovering and reporting software bugs. The public Bug Bounty program has unlimited time and budget and everyone on the platform can participate. This is a great solution for large and mature products.

Private Bug Bounty programs. We help the client to hand-pick a limited number of proven researchers with skills and backgrounds that are a good match for their needs. The program is completely anonymous. This is a good solution before starting a public bug bounty program and is also used for pre-release and early products.

Crowdsourced audits

A crowdsourced audit is a time-limited competitive audit that is done by a HackenProof community. The crowdsourced audit has a predictable budget for valid findings and report validation (judging).

The HackenProof community consists of independent security researchers, hackers, solo auditors, and traditional company auditors.

Online Hackathons / Live Hacking Events

A live event with a group of top hackers that work on testing your product together with your in-house team for 1-5 days. Great for bringing attention to your product, achieving quick results, and educating your security team.

Triage services / Reports validation & mediation

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