💸Withdraw bounty

Withdraw bounty from HackenProof

As you know, you receive payments for finding and reporting valid vulnerabilities in the form of USDT (TRC-20), BTC or ETH to your HackenProof account.

Make sure you have entered your wallet address in your HackenProof profile and verified your account before withdrawing the bounty:

To withdraw USDT (TRC-20), ETH, or BTC from your Hackenproof account:

  • Navigate to your Payments section at the HackenProof dashboard

  • Specify the amount of withdrawal (minimum $100) and confirm the request

  • Then enter and submit the confirmation code from your email (If you have an authenticator tied to your account, mean 2fa, you need to enter the OTP code instead of the email)

  • wait until the Hackenproof team submits your request

Note! Payments are processed at different times of the day, and the expected retrieval time of your funds is no more than 48 business hours.

Note #2! You can't withdraw less than $100 from HackenProof at this moment.

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