Create, add and manage Labels in your reports to categorize issues

Labels allow you to associate your Reports with specific issues, categorize and track them, and identify which report belongs to which category. They also help simplify the search process.

For example, you can create a label “Internal known issue” and assign it to all related reports.

Anyone in a company can create Labels and assign them to a report. Labels created in one program will be accessible in another program.

Using Labels

While using labels, the following operations are accessible:

  • Create or add Labels from the list

  • Filter Labels

  • Delete Labels from the report

Adding and removing labels

Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Report you need to label.

  • Click on the Label section in the report menu. The Labels pop-up box will appear.

  • To add a label, either select one from the list or create a new one by typing it and press Enter. To remove a label, click the "x" next to it.

Note. You can add multiple labels to the report.

Filter Labels

As soon as you create and add labels to the reports, you can filter labels in the list of reports.

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