GitLab Issue

Automatically create GitLab issue from HackenProof for reports with any status

How the connection HackenProof -> GitLab issue works

This guide explains how GitLab connection helps companies when they run a bounty program at HackenProof.

Once you connect your bug bounty program to your GitLab repository (public or private), you can automatically create a GitLab issue:

remember, you can create a GitLab issue for reports with any STATUS

How to create a GitLab issue

  • Open the report you want to create a GitLab issue from

  • Navigate to the prerequisites section of the report and find the GitLab issue section

  • Press the Create GitLab issue button. As a result, the appropriate issue will be created in your GitLab repository.

  • Also, in the report's GitLab section, you will find the link to the newly created issue:

How to connect the GitLab repository to the HackenProof program

  • Open your HackenProof program, which you want to connect to HackenProof

  • Navigate to the Integrations tab and open GitLab app

  • Connect your HackenProof program to GitLab by specifying the Repository URL and your GitLab API token.

Repository URL. Be sure you use the correct Project ID (not name). Here is a correct sample:, where:

  • - core of our integration

  • 19980000 - project ID (not a name)

  • issues - repo issue page

GitLab API token. To create your token: GitLab Project Settings -> Access Tokens

  • Generate personal access token.

Make sure to copy your personal access token now. You won’t be able to see it again!

Once you specified Project URL and your GitLab token you can connect your bug bounty program with GitLab and start creating GitLab issues

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