HackenProof KYC of researchers

HackenProof KYC

HackenProof provides KYC of researchers via 3-rd party provider Fractal ID (all legal and privacy information can be found on their website). HackenProof uses a basic+liveness license and KYC includes:

  • Email verification

  • ID document verification,

  • Liveness check,

  • Age of Majority,

  • PEP/Sanction lists,

  • Residency,

  • High-risk Countries

In order to pass KYC

  • navigate to your Profile Settings at the HackenProof dashboard

  • choose the Verification tab and press the VERIFY PROFILE button

  • Enter the email address to which your HackenProof account is registered then follow Fractal instructions to finish your verification

  • Then navigate to the HackenProof platform

  • As soon as Fractal finishes verification you will get the appropriate status in the dashboard

KYC Statuses

  • Approved

  • Incomplete (need more info)

  • Pending (need time to finish verification)

  • Rejected (reason will be specified)

KYC Troubleshooting

  • if you have any issues related to KYC verification please ping us on the HackenProof Discord server in the request-support channel or via online chat on this page

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