Judging / Triaging

Judging & Triaging policy during the audit contest

Submission Review

The submission review starts right after your submission. If you forgot to add any information, it can be added in the comment box on the platform.

The final decision about your ticket will be made during the contest timeline.

How we work with Duplicates

If your report was marked as "Duplicate" in the audit contest, you are still eligible to receive a bounty for it.

For example:

User 1 submitted a high-severity issue.

User 2 submitted the same issue later and it was marked as a "Duplicate".

There was only these two high-severity issue identified during the contest.

In that case, each user will get:

Budget for high severity issue / 2 (50% of budget each)

If you disagree triage decision

If you disagree with the decision of the triage team, you can request a mediation. To do that, left your thoughts in the comment box on the platform and submit a request ticket.

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