How to start Bug Bounty

Steps are required to start working with HackenProof

Thanks for choosing HackenProof as your platform for getting vulnerability reports! Our ethical hackers' community will help you to avoid hacks.

Good to know

You can run bug bounty with any range of bounty, but the larger the range of bounty the higher the chance that a hacker will be motivated to participate in your program but not exploit the issue.

What do we need from you to run a bug bounty? Program policy that will include: Scope-targets, a Range of bounties, Rules, and a signed agreement & NDA (we will help you with all these things)

Quick start

If you want to skip all steps below welcome to book the call or write us in telegram to get everything as soon as possible (we're available 24/7 for you)

Steps to start a bug bounty

Here are the steps that need to do to start working with HackenProof:

  • Create an account here. Please use your company domain to register a company account

  • Verify your email. Follow the steps in the email to confirm your email address.

  • Create a new program or edit available templates. You can customize templates and specify your targets, range of bounty, logos, and rules. Here is how to create a well-readable bug bounty program

  • Send your program for review by HackenProof. As soon as you finish your program editing you need to press the PUBLISH button.

As a result, the HackenProof team will get an instant notification and will review the created draft.

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