Replenish your balance

This guide shows on how to replenish your company account balance at HackenProof

According to the rules of the HackenProof platform, the company has to replenish its account (deposit). This deposit will use to:

  • to pay hackers for valid bugs on time.

  • to pay HackenProof Bug Fee according to your agreement

  • to pay the HackenProof hosting or triage services fee according to your agreement. So, If you pay for Triage services monthly then we will charge money from your deposit.

How much should I deposit?

Case #1: First-time launch program

  • If you TRIAGE reports BY YOURSELF, then the minimum deposit to pay hackers has to be 1000 USDT (recommended 5 000 USDT)

Case #2: Usual case

  • Please replenish your account by an amount that includes Bug Reward + HackenProof Bug Fee.

  • Also, you can deposit in advance for future valid bugs. All unused money will be returned to your account after you finish your bug bounty program

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