Audit process

How it works

  • You will need to register your account (or the HackenProof team will register), and draft the program rules & rewards, and specify targets for hackers (or our team will lead this process as well)

  • As soon as everything is agreed with the HackenProof team, the audit comes alive. Then HackenProof will make social media announcements and another process around the promotion

  • Researchers (auditors) will start submitting vulnerability reports. Please note: Only qualified auditors can participate in HackenProof contests.

  • As soon as you get the report the HackenProof team will review it due to the specified program SLA

  • If the reviewed report is valid we will pay through the HackenProof platform to the researcher

  • Then HackenProof will create the final report

Before the audit

  • Welcome to book the call or write us in telegram to get answers to the questions you might have

  • We'll ask you to share your smart contracts and answer questions due to our process

  • You will need to sign the agreement and NDA

  • Deposit to your HackenProof account

During the audit

  • You will need to freeze the code for the duration of the audit or make fork of the repo

After the audit

  • The HackenProof team will finish to review all incoming reports

  • Then we will pay researchers for valid reports

  • Provide you with the final report

Audit Cancellation:

We don't have a rescheduling fee, in case the new start day is less than 60 days away, otherwise, it goes under the cancellation rules

  • If you cancel more than 10 days before the start date โ†’ 95% deposit refund

  • If you cancel 5 - 10 days before the audit start date โ†’ 90% deposit refund

  • If you cancel less than 5 days before the audit start date โ†’ 80% deposit refund

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