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How to start bug hunting on a platform

Thanks for choosing HackenProof as your platform for submitting vulnerabilities! Here are the steps that'll get you up and hunting:

  1. Create an account here. You don't have to use your real first and last name in creating an account. You're free to use a nickname of your choice to keep your identity from being disclosed.

  2. Verify your email by clicking Confirm email address in the verification email sent to your personal email.

  3. Configure your profile and pass KYC (optional). You can customize these settings: address, personal data, certificates, skills, Hall of Fame, and links to social networks. By completely filling in all your profile details you will receive a bonus 200 Reputation Points.

  4. Check out the list of Public Bug Bounty Programs: https://hackenproof.com/programs

  5. Find a vulnerability and submit a report.

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