Points Guide

Executive methodology of hackers points calculation

Hacker leaderboard score

The hacker score is calculated by adding your reputation score to the bounty score.

Hacker score = Reputation score + Bounty score

Reputation score (Reports)

For each report, you can get a specific number of points. There is a fixed amount of points for resolved reports, depending on their severity (e.g. "Low", "Medium", "High", "Critical").

  • Status "Resolved":

    • Low = +20pt

    • Medium = +30pt

    • High = +50pt

    • Critical = +100pt

Also, you can earn bonus points for the report if it will be closed as "Informative" or as "Duplicate", or the team can grant you points for the well-prepared report*.

  • Status "Informative" = 0-2pt (optional)

  • Status "Duplicate" = 0-5pt (optional)

  • *Bonus points, on any status = 0-5pt (optional)

In case your report is closed as "N/A" or "Spam", you will lose reputation points accordingly

  • Status "N/A" = -10pt

  • Status "Spam" = -20pt

If your report was closed as "Out of scope" you will not receive or lose any reputation points.

Bounty score (Money)

The bounty score is calculated by dividing your total earned rewards by 100.

Bounty score = total earned bounty / 100

How to get extra 200 reputation points

HackenProof allows hackers to fill out their profiles and receive up to 200 additional reputation points. You will get the following reputation points:

  • Reputation for BASIC = 30

  • Reputation for AVATAR = 30

  • Reputation for COUNTRY = 10

  • Reputation for ABOUT = 20

  • Reputation for SKILLS = 30

  • Reputation for IN_WEB = 20

  • Reputation for CERTIFICATES = 30

  • Reputation for HALL_OF_FAMES = 30

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