Сreate a crypto wallet

Wallet Types at HackenProof

User Wallets at HackenProof

Each company at HackenProof can have a different program currency, it can be USDT, ETH, BTC, or their native tokens. Depending on clients' program currency HackenProof supports the following wallets on the platform:

  • USDT

  • ETH

  • BTC

This means as soon as the company pays your bounty reward the money will be stored at your account in the appropriate wallet, and you can withdraw money at any time you want.

in 95% of cases, you will receive payments for finding and reporting valid vulnerabilities in the form of USDT (TRC-20) to your HackenProof account.

External Wallet

If a company pays out of the HackenProof platform or if the company pays in their native token, a researcher might be asked to create a specific wallet and provide wallet details.

Create a crypto wallet

When you want to withdraw money from your HackenProof account you will need to set up your personal wallet to which HackenProof will send your bounty

ETH & BTC Wallet

For keeping ETH or BTC you can use any wallet that supports such, if you don't have a crypto wallet yet, you can register your account at any exchange that supports ETH & BTC.

USDT Wallet

For keeping USDT you can use any wallet that supports TRC-20 tokens or simply use a direct address from any exchange, that supports it.

Then specify your Wallet Address in your HackenProof profile:

  • Navigate to your Profile Settings at the HackenProof dashboard

  • Choose the Wallets tab

  • Specify your Wallet address and press the save button

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